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Unlocking Collateral

Given that BTCDOM & invBTCDOM tokens are minted by supplying USDC collateral, that means USDC can be unlocked by redeeming BTCDOM and/or invBTCDOM tokens.

How collateral is unlocked depends on whether you are trying to redeem tokens before or after the expiration date.

Before Expiration:

  • If you would like to unlock USDC before the expiration date, you will need to redeem equal balances of each dominance token.
  • For example, redeeming 1 BTCDOM & 1 invBTCDOM anytime before expiration will unlock 100 USDC.

After Expiration:

  • However, if you wait until after the expiration date to unlock USDC, you will not need equal token balances.
  • For example, if Bitcoin Dominance is 45% at the expiration date, each BTCDOM token will be redeemable for 45 USDC and each invBTCDOM token will be redeemable for 55 USDC.

Screenshot of Manage Redeem Modal (BTCDOM)