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Unlocking Collateral

Given that BTCDOM & invBTCDOM tokens are minted by supplying USDC collateral, that means USDC can be unlocked by redeeming BTCDOM and/or invBTCDOM tokens.

This modal is accessible via the MANAGE button on our dApp's homepage.

How collateral is unlocked depends on whether you are trying to redeem tokens before or after the expiration date.

Before Expiration:

  • If you would like to unlock USDC before the expiration date, you will need to redeem equal balances of each dominance token.
  • For example, redeeming 1 BTCDOM & 1 invBTCDOM anytime before expiration will unlock 100 USDC.

After Expiration:

  • However, if you wait until after the expiration date to unlock USDC, you will not need equal token balances.
  • For example, if Bitcoin Dominance is 45% at the expiration date, each BTCDOM token will be redeemable for 45 USDC and each invBTCDOM token will be redeemable for 55 USDC.

Screenshot of Manage Redeem Modal (BTCDOM)